Saturday, July 12, 2008


For the 4th of July weekend, Tommy and I went to California and had a great time with his family. We hung out at the beach and got trampled by some killer waves, headed to Wild Rivers, the water park where Tommy used to work as their mascot, the otter! And, on the 4th we watched an Angels game and checked out the fireworks afterwards. Here is Tommy and little Olivia, his brother Lawrence and Aubrey's adorable little girl decked out in her patriotic best!


Tommy and I were super lucky, and got to go to Sedona for our honeymoon, and then to Hawaii a few months later! Both were really fun.
In Sedona, we went on a short (yet grueling!) hike up this gorgeous mountain. We also went on a jeep tour that took us up on this hill overlooking the entire city. I think our guide, a retired army gentleman, missed all the army adventures from his past, and wanted to make up for it by going mach speed up the bumpity mountain! A little scary, but way fun.

Here is the view from the super windy top of the mountain!

We found some sweet authentic petroglyphs too!

H a W a I i

We stayed in a beautiful resort that was situated around a sea-turtle filled bay. One of the coolest parts though, was how vacationers would get travel the mile from the front lobby to their room- by monorail! Yep, just like at Disneyland. It sounds really cool, but they only travel about 3 mph, which was kind of disappointing to me! Here's a pic of me and Tommy looking cheesy inside of one of the cabs.

There is so much beautiful scenery to see on the island, and it helped Tommy and I discover our Tarzan and Jane roots!

There is an active volcano on the island that emits constant steam into the air as the lava meets the cold ocean. The volcanic rock is really cool, and we wanted to sneak some home. But, we heard about the 'Curse of Pele', and decided that would not be a good way to start off a we took a picture instead and threw it out the window.

Just thought I'd throw in a picture of my handsome Tommy...and here is the view from the top of the volcano- sort of looks like the Land Before Time huh? I kept thinking we'd see some dinosaurs...

And last but not least, here is our honeymoon baby! Her name is Zoey, and (scandalous!)- she was actually born about 2 weeks before our wedding-yikes!