Sunday, May 23, 2010

Operation Baby Room- Complete!.....& Graduation :)

The room is ready, now all we need is the baby!! Tommy did an awesome job of installing the chair rail- it turned out great. Here are some pics...we need that new panoramic camera that Taylor Swift uses in that commercial, but you'll just have to use your imagination:

Tommy refinished the crib too- sweet huh? He's turning into quite a handy man :)

Also in recent news- graduation! Yep, finally finished my time at ASU! It was pretty easy to pick me out walking across the stage in all my prego glory :)
This pic is blurry but it totally cracked me up- the guy at the bottom of the stairs was assisting people as they walked down, and when he saw me he put both hands out to make sure I wouldn't fall...guess I looked a little shaky in my heels!
Me & Kristen