Sunday, February 28, 2010

Where has February Gone?

Wow, it's the end of the month already! Rather than bore you with details of what's been going on with school/work for me and Tommy (basically, they are still there, although the countdown to May and graduation are now on- Yay for May!), I thought I'd put up some random pics:

We have started putting in the garden. Here is the salsa section- my mouth is watering already!

Mmmm tomatoes

And, out of necessity for the life of the plants, this area is a Puppy-free zone. Zoey is heart-broken about this!

This is currently my favorite baby picture- I just love the downward angle, and that you can see his cute little nose and feet! Speaking of feet- He's a kicker! I love being able to feel him move throughout the day and know that everything is ok...I could pass on feeling him all throughout the night though!

And, just for fun- can you find the Tommy in this picture??

Monday, February 1, 2010

In Sanfilippo news...we are officially having a boy! I wish I had some cute ultrasound pics to post, but...we got:
1-scary alien face picture
3-pictures showing we are DEFINITELY having a boy!
Since he was upside-down, facing backwards, curled into a ball, and not cooperating too much in the ultrasound, we get to go back next week to make sure all his insides are accounted for! Maybe we'll get some better pictures this time!

Oh, and in other news- London's Run was this past weekend! Brie and Brooke and I ran it together, and only added about 5 minutes onto our past year's race time... for 2 pregos and 1 with a 3-month old baby, we were pretty happy with that. However, I think I may be retiring from running for the next few months...