Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fun at the CaBiN

We were just getting ready to leave the cabin to head out for dinner when Tommy spotted a little herd of deer out the back window. Hi Bambi!

Extra points if you can spot the deer in this one!

Who's ready for Turkey Day? These guys better go into hiding soon!

Well, the cabin's great for seeing wildlife, but it's great for adventure too! We found the old rope swing we used to go on, and the fact that the tree was half burned up in a wildfire only adds to the adventure, right? Also note the thorny ravine below...

I love this picture- it reminds me of hunting magazines where the hunter is kneeling over their prey with the nature scene in the background.

We *tried* to take some cute pics, but putting animals in the mix complicates things a little!
Goodbye 'til next time! Love, The Sanfilippos

Sunday, October 4, 2009

What we've been up to...

Happy Birthday to me!! I am officially the big 2-4. Tommy and I had a great date night on my birthday! Things have been so busy it was nice just to have a calm night out. The rest of the weekend was great too- thank you to family and friends for making it great!!

Ah, I couldn't resist posting this pic of Zoey from the Higley football game. Tommy was a little upset I had the mascot wearing a skirt (which is adorable by the way, thanks Brie!!), but I didn't think there was a problem having her be fierce and feminine! This is the 21st century ;)