Monday, November 24, 2008

'Tis the Season- Wedding Season!

My cousin Kason and his lovely wife Kali got married last weekend. The reception was beautiful! Here are some pics from outside the temple, of them and the 'McKinnon' girls. I couldn't resist putting a few in there- you guys are so cute!

Tommy's cousin Billy just got married to the lovely Kim 2 weeks back in Hawaii, so this past weekend they had a fancy brunch to celebrate the occasion. Tommy and I hit the road on Saturday afternoon, and arrived at his aunt's house in Fullerton around 9 pm. The next morning we had a ton of fun at the brunch- it was at a gorgeous, fancy golf course. Here are some pictures from the brunch:

Tommy and I chillin'

Maggie-Moo and Missy

Dan and cheesy Chucky

It's a smooch sandwich!

Group Shot

This is a nice shot up Tommy's nostrils- and can you see Chucky's crazy eye??

Our Zoey baby displaying her true skunky colors

Friday, November 7, 2008

Ok, so I have been somewhat of a blog-slacker for a while, and here is my attempt at redeeming myself! Prepare yourself for a random and hopefully entertaining look at the past month :)

The 'So You Think You Can Dance' performance was awesome! Here are some pics from some of my favorite dances-
This song totally made me cry!

Me and Em went for her birthday. It was expensive, but so worth it!

Tommy and I went to a pumpkin patch and picked out a monster! I could not stop cracking up when Tommy safety-belted it into the car. No worries- it made it home safely.

My old co-worker from Wells Fargo finally got married! Congrats James and Gretchen. Everything was SO beautiful- just check out that sunset! It was great to see everyone and have a work reunion :)

Emily and Marcela look so cute here!
Here is our lovely backyard (aka- the wilderness). Jason is awesome and helped us put in a sprinkler system. We will have some all-finished pictures up soon!
Van and Landon had a blast making 'dirt angels' in the soft dirt- so gross!!

Vinyl lettering is awesome! I dressed up our bathroom a little bit with this cute saying, and I'm afraid it's started a new addiction- I already have words up on my front door and in the bedroom- Yikes!

COmpletely random, I know- but hope you enjoyed it!