Friday, June 17, 2011

Late 20's

Tommy has joined me at 25, aka our 'late 20's', as Damon says. Lol, thank you for the reality check!

Here is my cute hubsters now with some of his cute family. Happy Birthday! Can't wait to ring in many more birthdays with you. Thank you for being such a great husband and dad. We love you!

It's Birthday Time!

Can't believe this-

has turned into this!

Roman is such a great boy and I love being his mom! It is awesome to watch him grow, and learn so many new things. He is such a sweetheart and always loves to be held and cuddled. He is my little shy boy, but loves to laugh and play games! At 12 months, he is: ~clapping ~walking ~saying mama ~starting to say dada and more ~is starting to point to what he wants ~ has 8 teeth ~will play with any type of ball for hours! ~loves reading books ~loves to play with Hannah ~can eat a whole bowl of ice cream (probably the container if I'd let him!) ~loves playing with his cousins ~loves to be tickled ~plays peek-a-boo ~loves singing songs, his favorite is 'monkeys jumping on the bed' ~and we can't wait to see what our Roman will do next!

Love you Romer!!

Favorite Bath Picture Ever!

As Hugh Grant says in Notting Hill, 'It's to do with the hair'. Love it!


We had the BEST spring break this year! We spent a long weekend down in Texas visiting the Cobbers. Visited a strawberry farm, hit the beach, went to the space center and the boardwalk, and had a great time just hanging out.

Loved the plane...his excitement wore him out!

Thanks guys!!