Friday, June 18, 2010

He's Here!

So, Monday evening I was standing in my kitchen talking to Brie, when- whoosh! Water breaks. Thank goodness there is tile in the kitchen- so gross! And thank goodness Brie was there- I think she kept me from going into shock! This was 11 days before my due date, and I had fully expected I would go past my due date and have to be induced, but my little baby had other plans. Tommy was at work, so we met him at the hospital after hurriedly throwing some things into a diaper bag! Contractions were already 2-4 minutes apart when they got me all hooked up at the hospital. But, Monday night came and went, and then Tuesday morning came and went, and still no baby! Around noon on Tuesday they decided to do a c-section because of lack of progress, and at 12:51 PM on June 15th, Roman Thomas Sanfilippo was born! Here are some pictures:

Dr. Tommy prepped for surgery :)
First picture of baby Roman!

Roman and Daddy catching some zzz's

Check out the 'hawk!

Meeting Uncle Damon, Aunt Rachel and Cousin Tanner
Snoozing away

All ready to head home from the hospital