Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Pics

Baby update- 32 weeks and counting!! Here are some pictures from the latest ultrasound.

Facial profile

I am totally aware this next one is a little creepy- 3d ultrasounds kind of weird me out! I think he kinda looks like the clay man from the Spiderman movie :) Kidding- I know he’s completely smushed in there and will be a lot more normal looking when he’s born…anyway, check out those chubby cheeks and LIPS! Can’t wait to meet him and smooch his cute little face!

He should be a good size baby- he’s measuring in the 75-80th percentile in his ultrasound pictures! He’ll probably be able to beat up on his 6-month old cousin Journey from the day he’s born :)


April 18 marked our 2 year anniversary! Tommy and I have enjoyed a great two years together and have been so blessed- we can’t wait for the years to come! We celebrated by taking it easy at a resort in Scottsdale for the weekend. It was great to enjoy the warm weather, hang out by the pool, and go out to a nice dinner.


This is about 3x the size of her normal face! I was worried she had gotten bit by a snake in the backyard, so of course called my mom to check her out (it’s great how her nursing expertise extends to all situations, even animals). She assured me she would be fine, which she was by morning, and that it was probably only an ant bite or bee sting. Poor puppy! It didn’t seem to bother her at all, except for a few times when she would be running and fall on her face because of the new added weight in the front part of her body!

Spring Break= Baseball Time

Tommy’s family joined us for spring break. It was tons of fun to get to see everyone and, of course, get in some quality baseball time! We took in a Dodgers spring training game, and watched Tommy’s cousin Dillon play in a tournament that weekend.

Enjoying the game from lawn seats

Tommy's adorable niece Lucy aka Lulu
Dillon looking fierce on the pitcher’s mound!