Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some new things from this past month:

#1: New Hat

#2: Super Saucer fun! Thanks Shani- he loves this toy!

#3: Rolling over. Just kidding, not quite there yet! He kind rolls onto his side though ;)

#4: Eating yummy food- I think this is squash. Go Rome Go!

#5: We like to send Tommy pictures when he is at work. This one is Roman saying 'I miss you!'

#6: Wrestling matches with Gunn.

#7: Tommy is already starting to train him for baseball. He's hoping to start 'the dream' at a very young age. Here is the 'sleep osmosis' technique!

#8 This month I started back to work. I got a little teary-eyed leaving the first morning, but it makes me treasure every moment I have with my baby at home even more. Love you Romey!

And, really? Snuggie for dogs?? Worst part is that I totally wanted to buy one.