Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things I LOVE!

A few things that are making me smile this week, in no particular order:
This past Saturday, Tommy and I turned our regular old fridge into a CHALKBOARD FRIDGE- and I love it! It took a little convincing to get Tommy on board for this project, but it was worth it. And, it was surprisingly easy to do! It’s perfect for leaving little love notes in the morning :) I'm not sure this picture quite does it justice- we got a little carried away, so it's a little cluttered!

Our GARDEN! It’s been a few months since we planted, and we are now starting to see the fruits (and vegetables) of our labors! The squash have taken off, and I have had fun trying out some zucchini recipes- bread, muffins, baked squash- you name it, I’ve tried it! Don’t be surprised if you get some goodies coming your way- the watermelon, peas, tomatoes, and chilis are starting to bloom now…

SUMMER- of course that makes me smile!! Yesterday I took my last final of the semester!!! Although I still have a lot of work ahead of me, I am taking this chance to be SO grateful that I’ve made it through the first year of grad school. It’s definitely been a rough road, but with the help of Tommy and my family I’m almost halfway to getting my degree. Thanks for keeping me on track and not letting me give up!!

Darius Rucker, aka HOOTIE: is anyone else so delighted that he transferred over to country?? This song you’re listening to now is my new favorite!

Here's a little adventure that happened today that made me laugh at myself- sometimes I can be so embarrasing! Today, I had to go in to the doctor and get a few immunizations so I can work at ASU's speech clinic this summer. Now, I know that I have a wimpy stomach, and tend to get sick if I get my blood drawn. Today, I just had to get a few shots though, should be no problem, I mean kindergarteners get that done, right?? Anyway, I happen to look while the nurse is poking me, and see a little drop of blood. No big deal, I hold it together until I get out of the office, and then by the time I'm out to the waiting room, I'm really sweaty, and not seeing quite right. I run back to the restroom, and...Yep, I threw up. Is that not pathetic? I thought I'd eventually grow out of that, but apparently not. I better toughen up before I have kids- I can't imagine getting blood drawn every few weeks- yikes!!