Friday, January 4, 2013

December, Christmas, Family, Santa, etc etc!!

Cute goobers getting ready for church
Roman and the Merk boys made character ornaments.  They got to pick whatever color paint they wanted for the ornament, and then a character to go on it.  Roman picked Elmo, and he chose Abby for Sophie!
 These pics are from inside the Double Decker Christmas Light Tour bus!  We rode on the top (enclosed luckily or we would have frozen our tooshies off!), and went to some really cool neighborhood lights and the Temple Lights.

My little Christmas Elf

Santa Sophie :)

All ready for church

 Meet our new addition- Phoebe!

 Santa came to our house!  Roman and Sophie loved all their new toys.  We hung out with Tommy's family on Christmas Eve, enjoyed a quiet morning at our house, and spend the afternoon at Grandma Tana and Grandpa Bill's. It was the first year Tommy had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off work, perfect for his last Christmas working for Salt River before switching over to Mesa.  It was a wonderful, relaxing day!

 Uncle Dan's birthday!  Happy 18th!  We are so glad we got to spend it with you
 Sophie girl turned 7 months on Christmas Day.  Our little girl is getting so big!  She is starting to crawl, loves babbling and playing, and loves trying out new foods.  She is such a sweet girl, and continues to be a little mama's girl!  She is a little angel when she's being held, and loves to show off that dimple. 


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