Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet- Sophie Grace Sanfilippo

I woke up at about midnight on 5/25/12 to some mild pain.  This was about 3 weeks before my due date, so I figured it was just a false alarm and went out to the couch to read until I could fall back asleep.  I was quite sure I'd make it into work for my last day before summer break, however, little Sophie Soph had other plans!  A few hours later with contractions about 3 minutes apart, (and after Tommy had asked a few times if I was ready to go!), I agreed that heading off to the hospital was probably a good idea.  They weren't sure if they'd admit me or not at first, so they decided to check on my progress after an hour and decide.  In that hour, I'd progressed from a 3 to a 7, so they admitted me about 7:30 and Sophie was born about 930!  (By the way- thank you Brie for coming to pick up Roman from the hospital at a horribly early hour!)  Here are the first pics we have of our sweet little Sophie Grace

All swaddled up- the nurses made her a cute little bow
Rome's introduction to his sister- he gave her a quick smooch and was ready to go play!

Heading Home 5/26/12

 Thank you Brooke for these beautiful pictures!  I treasure them.

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